Living Out a Mission with Premium Cosmetics Products

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Our Story

We are beyond grateful to God for allowing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves as the owners of His amazing creation, Lueur De Luxe Cosmetics.

My name is Sara. A lifelong Laredo native, I’m married and blessed with two wonderful children, Ronald and Sophia. I recently retired from a 30-year career. Throughout my tenure, I simultaneously had part-time employments in sales and pageantry, making my second job a hobby. It was then I developed my love and passion for skin care and color. I headed a team of women as a Director for a cosmetic company. My career, family, helping women, and celebrating others quickly became my passion.

After retirement, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would encounter the opportunity to partner up with other women and own a premium cosmetics store.  Once again, I fell in love with what I was doing and woke up daily to a passion God placed in my heart.  With a heavy heart, I closed the chapter of this book not knowing what was in store for me.

I thank God the day a good friend said, “God has you destined for bigger and greater things. The store was a training camp where God awaken your talents, abilities, and skills.  Get up, move fast, this is your time.” Family, friends, and customers encouraged me to develop my own premier cosmetics brand.

With God at the center, prayer, family and friends support this amazing journey began. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but God knew. Immediately thereafter, Rosie, my sister-in-law, business owner and realtor, joined me as my business partner and God took care of the rest.  Rosie was exposed to the cosmetic world as a consultant for a cosmetic company and through her daughter Katelynn who for years used You Tube and other social media for makeup tutorials.

Today, we thank God for our training camp in preparation of this amazing journey and the birth of Lueur De Luxe Cosmetics! With our combined knowledge, commitment, and experience, we are certain Lueur De Luxe Cosmetics will grow to be the brand you love and trust. We welcome you to take this journey with us as a brand customer and/or taking advantage of the business opportunity! Let’s take this ride together. Let Lueur De Luxe Cosmetics help you grow into the person God created you to be. We are looking forward to serving you as a customer or Beauty Advisor. Always remember, “You Are The Glow.”

Your Servants,

Rosie & Sara

We have combined the best of science with nature in its purest form to develop a result-driven brand that will leave your skin looking refreshed, youthful and glowing. With active ingredients and powerful natural complexes, we harness the latest industry advances to create a truly innovative collection of highly effective skin care products.