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Please download and fill out the application and terms and Agreement, and e-mail both documents to info@lueurdeluxecosmetics.com.  Make sure you indicate name of Beauty Advisor who referred you and provide her Advisor ID number if available. Sign both documents before e-mailing or mailing and then purchase your Luxury Beauty Advisor Business Kit online. Once we receive your application and payment, we will e-mail or contact you telephonically if no e-mail, to provide your 50% personalized product discount code which will be active for 48 hours and can only be used once. (package not mandatory) Your Luxury Beauty Advisor Business Kit will be on it’s way!  Please remember you must select all 13 Skin Care products* as part of your 50% Product Discount Package, color selection is up to you.  Make sure you enter your personalized code before check-out.

*(NOTE: if Skin Care products are not entered in your 50% Product Discount Package or less products than required are selected, headquarters will automatically make adjustments to order without notification)

Once process is finalized, you will be assigned to referred Beauty Advisor if name and ID number provided.  If new to Lueur De Luxe, you will be assigned to a Beauty Advisor in your area and will be provided with his or her contact information. This information will be provided in you Welcome Letter form Lueur De Luxe Cosmetics along with your personal Beauty Advisor ID number and other information.

Welcome to the Lueur De Luxe Cosmetics Team! You are the Glow!

Step 1: Application

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Step 2: Terms & Conditions

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